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About is designed specifically for those who have to arrange a funeral for someone close to them, whether it be a friend, family member or partner.  When tasked with this many people will be confused and undoubtedly emotional about the whole process.
For many people arranging a funeral will be totally foreign to them and so aims to impart advice and support for people who have little knowledge of arranging a funeral, advising them of the little known processes and requirements.

From knowing what to do immediately following the death of a loved one, to what needs to be done after the funeral has taken place, explains some of the steps and procedures you should be aware of. However, your local funeral director is in the best position to offer advice and guidance and you can benefit from their wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure you are able to arrange the best possible tribute for a loved one during a difficult time. Your local funeral director can also help you to plan ahead for your own funeral with a pre-paid funeral plan. is operated jointly by The Fairways Partnership Limited and Funeral Services Limited and all funeral directors listed on this site are owned by or proud to be associated with, The Co-operative Group Limited.

Choosing a funeral director

Many people are unaware that the funeral industry is unregulated, therefore it is vital when choosing a funeral director that you are confident they have the necessary training and experience to arrange and conduct your loved ones funeral to a high standard.

Our funeral home finder tool only lists high quality, trained and experienced funeral directors.

They are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors which means they have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and undergo regularly assessment.

Funeral homes listed on also participate in additional quality and standards audits outside NAFD assessment, to ensure they meet the highest levels of client service. These extra checks help funeral homes test their standards and practices with an unbiased view to help them continually identify ways to improve their services.

Following a funeral arrangement with a funeral director found on this site, you will also be sent a questionnaire and asked for feedback about the service you received from them. The results of this questionnaire are taken very seriously and are used to manage and monitor the level of service provided by the funeral home.

All funeral plans provided by funeral homes listed on this website are also members of the Funeral Planning Authority, therefore you can also confidently pre-arrange and pay for a funeral plan knowing your interests are protected.  

By visiting this site you should get a clearer understanding of what is required for arranging a funeral helping you to be best equipped to make decisions.

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